Programs in Spotlight

A selection of our current programs in-field.

Dis/Misinformation | EUROPE

In support of our commitment to transparency and accountability, Digital Public Square is developing digital tools to learn about how malign actors seek to influence important democratic processes. In doing so, we hope to better understand the impact of misinformation and disinformation on those most vulnerable to manipulation. The goal for this program is to develop a set of interventions to reduce the harm that comes from misinformation and disinformation so that lessons may be widely applicable across a variety of sectors including, among others, public health, governance, and the environment.

Intolerance | BURMA

Working closely with local partners, Digital Public Square is developing online tools to increase tolerance and diversity in Burma. Our work focuses on uncovering key drivers of opinions, perspectives and gaps in knowledge or norms that present key barriers towards tolerant coexistence. This research will support the development of interventions intended to reduce the harm of hate-speech, misinformation, and disinformation, in the run-up to elections in late-2020.

Limited Access | ASIA

We are developing new methods to encourage critical thinking through educational games for environments that have poor or no internet connectivity. In many regions around the world, differences in the availability of technology can lead to significant impacts - from basic health, to finding economic stability, and much more - on the most vulnerable communities. Our work is focused on bridging these divides for people of all ages. We have developed games working in Asia that encourage people to get excited in learning about the world around them, incentivising play through trivia, offering meaningful rewards, and being delivered by non-traditional means.